New bonuses and loyalty rewards

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Click bonuses and rewards tab above for details: EVERY cruise and EVERY person who joins an Unlock the Past cruise up to $500 value on cruises with a lowest cabin price under $1000 more for higher-priced cruises – up to $1000 for cruises with a lowest cabin price over $3000 Everyone who joins us on an Unlock the Past cruise after 1 September 2015 will receive the following: Genealogy ebooks voucher—the value varies from $100 to $300 depending on the cruise. Visit the web site — — for the full list of available titles (currently over 200) Archive Digital Books Australasia voucher discount voucher—choose any single collection up to AU$600 normal retail value. The value to the user varies from $50 and $450, depending on the cruise booked and value of the chosen product. Currently there is a choice of 52 products. Go to for a full current title list. Unlock the Past cruise voucher—a  loyalty voucher from each UTP cruise you do towards a subsequent UTP cruise. the value varies from $50-$200 depending on the cruise. Go to for currently booking cruises. Clean Cruising voucher—a $50 loyalty voucher towards a subsequent cruise booked with Clean Cruising, our cruise travel agent. The product vouchers are new. If you are sharing a cabin with a non-genealogy partner, they may allocate their ebooks and special collection vouchers to you. The Unlock the Past cruise voucher is a modified form of our loyalty discounts that have accrued to anyone booking a cruise in the past. Your next cruise can take advantage of previous discounts earned, but once they are used the new vouchers will supersede the former discounts. Click on our Cruise bonuses and loyalty rewards page for table showing more detail on the benefits in terms. Other benefits every person who books a cruise during 2015 is in our draw for over $6000 worth of prizes – drawn in January 2016. every person on a cruise is in the draw for prizes available for that particular cruise. These are worth many hundreds of dollars, often over $1000 in total for each cruise. Voucher values are in Australian currency...

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A 2017 Unlock the Past cruise

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Earlier this year we flagged the possibility of further cruises in 2017 and possibly beyond. We had a short survey with our blog about this, but at the time did not know 2017 cruise schedules. The early 2017 cruise schedules are now announced, and for best choice of cruises with suitable conference rooms, we should make a decision on whether to proceed and what cruise to request in the next few months. Brief review of cruises to date Our early cruises (1st to 4th) – all out of Australia – generally met or exceeded expectations based on our surveys. From mid 2014 the numbers for our next five cruises (5th to 9th) fell short of what our surveys suggested – and did not support the number of speakers we engaged. Several factors would have contributed to the lower response. Probably the main one is that the cost of those out of the UK in particular is much higher than for the cruises out of Australia – and even more so for Australians who make up the bulk of our numbers, who have international flights to add in. Another factor would be that with multiple cruises a year, some of our repeat cruisers, need to be more selective. Future cruises can be viable The largest expense in running any cruise is the cost of speaker support. By better management of this, and a focus more on the proven itineraries from eastern Australia, we can still offer cruises in future, even with lower numbers than we had on earlier cruises. We would still maintain a top line program with leading international presenters on our major Australian or international cruises, and leading Australian and New Zealand presenters on shorter Australian cruises. A 2017 cruise Royal Caribbean, whose ships have the best conference facilities, have released their early 2017 Australian schedules since our last blog about this. And there is double good news: their cruise prices are lower than they have been in previous years, probably because of the huge increase in capacity they will have in 2017 they will have 5 ships down under in 2017 (two more than they have had recently), including two Voyager class ships, the best they have for conferences. This gives us more flexibility and choice of cruises. We have not yet committed to any cruises in 2017 or beyond, but will likely do so if there is sufficient interest. To help us decide please tell us what you think. Tell us what you think We have set up a short survey, with the main cruise options available to us between January and April 2017, as well as outline of the itinerary and a guide to cost...

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Celebrity “Pick your Perk” offer

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UPDATE: Sale extended to 31 May 2015 Celebrity Cruises currently have a great new bonus offer–for new bookings by 10 May 2015 [now 31 May]. Two of our cruises are eligible for this bonus offer: 8th Unlock the Past cruise – Baltic cruise – from England or Europe, visiting northern Europe, and Scandinavia on Celebrity Eclipse. 14 nights 11-25 July 2015 11th Unlock the Past cruise – Australian-New Zealand cruise, one way from Auckland to Fremantle (Perth) taking in various New Zealand and Australian ports on Celebrity Solstice. 18 nights from 14 February 2016 Simply book an Oceanview stateroom or above on either of the above cruises and choose the offer best for you. Free Classic beverage package for two Free gratuities for two (value AU$148-$154 per person) Up to US$300 onboard credit (approx AU$380 or £200) In addition the Baltic cruise bonus entitles you to a further US$200 on-board credit bonus. In all for the Baltic cruise the bonus offers total around US$500 (over AU$600 and £320). This offer applies on outside cabins and above only (not inside cabins).  Click here to see full details and terms and conditions of the offer. Go to the Pricing and booking page of whichever of the above cruises you are interested in and contact Ciaran of Clean Cruising ( to discuss which benefit package is best for you. Book now with Clean Cruising, our cruise travel agent, before the offer closes on 31 May 2015 Other cruises currently booking 10th Unlock the Past cruise – 2 night short cruise out of Brisbane from 8 December 2015 12th Unlock the Past cruise – 7 nights from Brisbane to the Barrier Reef  from 6 March 2016 13th Unlock the Past cruise – 7 nights Rhine river from 31 July 2016 – from Amsterdam to Basel others under consideration:  – 2017 – a mid duration cruise out of Sydney – 2018 – Alaska (7 nights) Register your interest or book early to ensure the best choice of...

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New Unlock the Past cruises?

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At about this time last year we set a two year schedule of cruises to give good notice and choice from a variety of itineraries, price levels and conference offerings. A 2017 cruise? We made no commitment at the time to do any more, but with the imminent release of another year’s schedules from the cruise lines we are considering 2017 possibilities. Celebrity, one of the two cruise lines with conference suitable ships have released their 2017 schedules, Royal Caribbean is the other cruise line we favour – their schedules are expected to be released soon. It looks likely they will have five ships in all operating out of Australia in 2016/17, bringing a huge increase in carrying capacity, and no doubt choice of itineraries, over what they had just three years ago. We have still made no commitment to further cruises, but if there is sufficient interest we will likely do so. Should we do any more we will probably favour cruises out of Brisbane or Sydney (the two Australian ports which Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships operate from, and the states most of our cruisers come from) – sometime in the months February to April each year. If there is sufficient interest we will consider the occasional cruise in the northern hemisphere. Alaska would appear to be the most likely from outside Australia, and possibly another out of the UK. Future cruises will probably feature mid range duration (5 to 12 days) – to keep the cost and time away to reasonable levels, but at the same time allow good conference time continue featuring some of the best international presenters and an international program, but with smaller speaker teams overall. This has several advantages: keeps cruise costs within bounds, enabling us to run if necessary with smaller groups enables us to run a single stream program (or at most with only occasional parallel talks), to reduce the problem of competing talks running at the same time probably offer only one cruise a year, and at most two if we decide to run a northern hemisphere cruise in some years Tell us what you think We have set up a short survey to give us some guidance on this. It does include cruises currently booking, but also includes questions on possible 2017/18 cruises Click here to do the survey. Once we have the 1st quarter 2015 schedules from Royal Caribbean, we will identify the more likely itineraries and seek your preferences from a short candidates...

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The biggest genealogy events in world!

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The recent RootsTech exhibition and conference in Salt Lake City (we exhibited there) reportedly had over 21,000 people registered. It attracted genealogists from all over the world, including at least 15 from Australia, but by far the largest number of those were from Utah, people who may have had some interest but not be active genealogists. The Who Do You Think You Are? Live! show in the UK attracts over 13,000 and the New Zealand fair in 2013 had 4000 attendees, though these two events count the sum of each day’s attendance. The real number of different people attending these would be considerably less, maybe about half the quoted attendance or less. These are also low cost or free entry events aimed largely at attracting the general public – who may have some interest, but not be active researchers. Other major Australasian events like the triennial congresses and past Unlock the Past expos usually have lower numbers (in the hundreds), but these are usually all committed genealogists. For cruise promotion and product sales they are usually more significant than any of the overseas events. But in one respect our major genealogy cruises are the biggest genealogy events in the world. Where else can you attend (or choose from) up to 60 different sessions? 18-29 is the most you can attend at a major Australian/Zealand event, 15 at RootsTech 2015 and 12 at WDYTYA 2014. In this respect a UTP cruise is around 2-3 times as big as a UTP expo, Australasian Congress or New Zealand fair around 4-5 times as big as RootsTech or Who Do You Think You Are? Live! A major reason for this is that our cruises are longer. But another reason is that we are at the “conference venue” day and night for the duration – we can run more sessions during each day (we don’t schedule sessions while the ship is in port). All these are great events and each has its own strengths and its own character. We attend all we can. The most significant unique benefit of our cruises is the strongest conference program available anywhere – but there are other special benefits: no hard choices between multiple parallel sessions you want to attend. Most of our sessions have no competing parallel talk – and at most only two at once. Congress has 4, WDYTYA 8 and RootsTech 16-18 parallel talks/workshops at once! Research Help Zone (one on one or small groups with experts) – a number of sessions allocated for this in their own time slot (no competing talks) cruise ships have their own comprehensive entertainment/activity program, which is great for non-genie spouses as well as variation from genealogy for conference participants no daily travelling...

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And the winner is …

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Unlock the Past cruises is delighted to announce 13 winners of AU$6000 worth of prizes – from a draw from all those who book a future cruise between 12 May and 31 December 2014 – AND who subscribed to our cruises newsletter. Here are the 13 prize winners: a FREE CRUISE up to the value of AU$2500 — Heather Fitzpatrick (QLD) 3 cruise discount vouchers valued at AU$500 each — Helen Geijsel (WA) — Rosemary McKenzie (ACT) — Lyn Watt (WA) 3 cruise discount vouchers valued at AU$200 each — Jennifer Joyce (NSW) — Denise Miller (ACT) — Anne Mobbs (NSW) 4 cruise discount vouchers valued at AU$100 each — Dianne Brelsford (QLD) — Penelope Jennings (VIC) — Lilias Kelly (WA) — Andrea Simmons (QLD) a cruise discount voucher from Clean Cruising valued at AU$500 (for any Unlock the Past cruise booked with Clean Cruising) — George Kearney (QLD) a cruise discount voucher from Royal Caribbean valued at AU$500 (for any Unlock the Past cruise on a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity ship) — Rob Hamilton (VIC) Prizes are from Unlock the Past unless otherwise noted. Special congratulations to Heather Fitzpatrick as the winner of the major prize up to AU$2500 value. Heather had 3 chances to win, having booked for 3 eligible cruises from the Baltic cruise on. Though not contributing to her chances for this draw it is also a good reward for previous cruises she has booked with us. More chances to win If you are not a winner this time there are 2 more chances to win a prize every cruise has its own prize draw, prizes pools varying from $1000 to $6000, depending on the size of the cruise and the number of partners offering prizes the “win a free cruise” (with a $6000 prize pool) is being repeated for bookings made in 2015. Click here for full details. To be eligible for this draw you must also be subscribed to our UTP cruises email newsletter In addition cruise vouchers and other prizes are offered at most events we exhibit at on land – usually $1000-$2000 in prizes at major events. Be sure to check out our booth at any of the following events we expect to be attending in 2015 22 Jan – The lives and times of our World War I and Irish ancestors – Albany, WA 24 Jan – The lives and times of our World War I and Irish ancestors – Perth, WA 12-14 Feb – Rootstech/FGS conference, Salt Lake City, USA 26-30 Mar – 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, Canberra, ACT 16-18 Apr – Who Do You Think New Are? Live, Birmingham, UK 7-9 Aug – New Zealand Family History Fair,...

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