Why genealogy cruises?

In short they offer a great value combination of genealogy and holiday at sea.

5 genealogy cruising benefits

  • a “conference like no other” – and a great networking experience
  • a relaxing cruise – the perfect excuse to do this if you have not cruised before
  • great added value for regular cruisers – two things for little more than the cost of one
  • mix and match genealogy and cruise activities (and relaxation)  to suit your preferences – plenty to do for your non-genealogy spouse, partner or friend
  • visit places you might not otherwise get to

see 20 reasons… for more benefits

Unlock the Past has run genealogy cruises regularly since early 2011 for groups ranging from 90 to 240. Our surveys and feedback generally have highlighted:

  • growing interest in genealogy cruises
  • even higher interest in UK/European based cruises
  • considerable variation in cruise preferences and ability to afford the cost

We are now expanding our cruise commitment and the variety of cruises offered

Click here to see what is proposed.