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This page lists speakers from past and future cruises – whether supported presenters or cruisers with expertise who have offered to give a presentation. Click on the name for full biography (some speakers on previous cruises do not have a separate biography page). The cruises listed are all they have done, including some they may not have presented on.

3rd cruise speakers

3rd cruise speakers (12 of the 15)


Shauna Hicks with Chris Paton and family – 2nd cruise

New Zealand 

  • Lynne Blake – 2nd cruise
  • Linda Elliott – 3rd cruise
  • Jan Gow – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 10th cruises




Paul Milner – 3rd cruise


United States

We get many offers and expressions of interest about speaking on Unlock the Past cruises – far more than we can offer significant support to. However we welcome other presenters with recognised expertise at varying levels of support. For more information on presenting on an Unlock the Past cruise click here.

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