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A river cruise is quite different from an ocean cruise

  • there are no sea days – the days we normally run conference sessions. Most days we are in port and most nights we are travelling
  • there are no conference rooms we can book as we do on an ocean cruise. The main rooms are a large lounge room, generally always open to the public, and dining room, open to the public at meal times
  • there are smaller lounges which may be booked on occasions for smaller meetings or interest groups. The main lounge – and other lounges – are quite suitable for networking and one-on-one advice with experts or smaller interest groups
  • shore tours (we understand) are generally only a few hours duration. We hope to have some informal interest group sessions at mutually convenient times with discussions on topics of common interest.
  • some shore excursions are included in the price
  • free internet on the river cruise ship (unlike most ocean cruises). As well as allowing for personal internet time it should also allow opportunity for help/research sessions with online data sites.