This 8th newsletter is mainly on the program, an associated cruises topics poll and a cruise information session as a Google Hangout on Air. The next newsletter will deal mainly with shore tours and information on special presentations and how to prepare for these.


We have attached an updated (near final) program – a handy two page PDF. This update can also be downloaded from the program page of the web site.

Program topics survey

  1. can help you begin to plan what you might want to attend
  2. enable us to determine if we have allocated the right rooms to the right talks

The times or programmed sessions are unlikely to change. If there is need to do so, changes will be kept to a minimum.

This is NOT a booking. There will generally be no restriction on numbers at any session, though a small number of workshops will be limited to about 25.

Click here for brief descriptions of most topics. Some are still to come, but the titles in most cases will be enough for you to give a preference.

Click here
to do the topics survey. It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete – a great way to start your cruise session planning.

Cruise Hangout

  • SUBJECT: Genealogy cruises, with a 4th cruise focus
  • WHEN: next Tuesday 14 January at 8pm
  • HOST: Jill Ball with Helen Smith assisting. Both Jill and Helen are experienced cruisers, and were on our last cruise on the same ship.
  • KEY links
    • the 14 January hangout page. Feel free to post a comment, question or just a “hi everyone, I will be there”. At least indicate if you are going to (or hope to) watch it – or not. Anyone can observe live or after. If you wish to contribute a text question or comment (before or during), you may need a Google or Gmail account
    • the Unlock the Past hangouts community – information and notices on our hangouts generally. Please Join community if you haven’t already done so – to keep in touch with further hangouts
  • click on the read more … on either page above for full details of the hangout, including times in other time zones.
  • view the hangout live – or subsequently on YouTube. You don’t need a Google account to do this, though I understand you do if you wish to submit a question or comment on the associated text chat.
  • after the hangout a recorded version will be posted on the Unlock the Past YouTube site. . If you can’t join us or watch live, you can still watch it afterwards at your convenience.

Some of you I know have done hangouts before, but no doubt a number of you haven’t. This is a great opportunity to try one. We are all learning so why not give it a go as part of the cruise preparation and build up.

Research interests register – REMINDER
We noted this in our last newsletter. We will compile a register of research interests of those on the 4th cruise – names, places, subjects. Who knows? You may find someone with a common interest with whom you can connect. To submit your interest click here

More cruises 2014 to 2017

  • our Eastern Australia cruise (6th UTP cruise) – Oct 2014 – now open for booking This is a short three night cruise with several themes – convicts, Family Tree Maker, Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian research … and more. This can be linked to a five day tour to Norfolk Island leaving Sydney the day after the cruise ends (details to come shortly)
  • one 2015 Baltic cruise or two? – click here for more/updated details on this
  • a 2016 European river cruise – click here to learn more
  • two handy summaries of all Unlock the Past cruises

Please do our all-new future cruises survey, taking account of latest cruises and proposed cruises. If you have done one of our previous surveys we would still like your input into the latest proposals for 2015 to 2017 – especially if are interested in:

  • the proposed mid 2015 Baltic cruise – this survey will be the major guide in our decision on this
  • the proposed mid 2016 European river cruise
  • other cruises not (yet) on our proposed schedule

Cruise documents

Clean Cruising have advised some were posted out today. The rest should go out Monday and Tuesday. Those for international guests will be emailed early next week. Hopefully you should have these by the end of next week or soon after.

More cruise information

25 days to go! See you all soon.

Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past team
[email protected]