home – program – presenters – presentations – ship – itinerary – pricing and booking With the main focus on places visited around the British Isles the conference program will be lighter than most other cruises. Talks will not be scheduled during the day while the ship is in port, though a few may be programmed late in the afternoon or early evening when most people will have returned to the ship anyway. The program offers:

  • 40 topics in up to two streams – lots of choice
  • 25 different sessions – choose those that suit you
  • 10 Research Help Zone sessions for:
    • one on one or small group sessions with an expert
    • special interest groups (some will be be listed in advance others can be added on the cruise)
    • a few special interest topics
  • possibly some historical/genealogical shore tour options – see below

A wonderful opportunity to network and interact with all cruisers – genealogically and socially.

5th cruise program

click to download the program

Final cruise program

Updated 14 July 2014.

Click on the graphic to the right to download the final program.

Special interest groups – We are open to offers from any who wish to convene a discussion group on a topic of interest.

The Research Help Zone is for many the most valuable part of the program.

  • click here to  learn more about Research Help Zones and advice on how to prepare
  • click here to download a schedule of experts, the topics they can advise on and the times they will be available for consultation

Blogs, newsletters, etc. – if you expect to blog or otherwise report on the cruise during or after please let us know so we can add you to the list below. For now we have just added a starter list of a few well known blogs below, but we believe there are others that could be added.