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  • from AU$2949 twin share (see table below for other currency equivalents)
  • NEW “Pick Your Perk” bonus offer by Celebrity Cruises. Book by 31 August 2014 for your choice of any 1 of 3 great offers
    1. Free classic beverage package for two
    2. Free gratuities for two
    3. Up to US$300 onboard credit per cabin.
    This offer applies on outside cabins or above only (not inside cabins) and booked during August 2014. Click here to see full details and terms and conditions of the offer.

Book now

CLICK HERE to book now or register your interest with Clean Cruising, our booking agent. If you would like to find someone to share with to help with costs, Clean Cruising can almost always find someone to match you with.

Cabins and prices

The actual fares you will be charged are those advised by Clean Cruising when you book – in Australian currency. The following are as advised to us in May 2014 and should remain while cabins allocated to us are still available. Should any category listed here sell out early (as is expected given the limited number allocated to us in some categories), it is still possible to book outside our allocation if not sold out. However the price will be based on the rate of the day with the gratuities and conference fee added in. This will always be higher than our group rates.

Update 14 July 2014 – some cabin categories of now sold out (12 months out from the cruise!). It is possible, while the ship still has some availability, to book cabins outside our group. These will be at the rate of the day with gratuities and conference fee added – and will in almost all cases be higher than our group rates. We can’t guarantee evening dining together with our group, for those booked outside our group allocation (we can try for this but it is not normal practice with groups). Here is the latest status:

  • Inside cabins – our group allocation has sold out, still some available outside our group.
  • Outside cabins – our group allocation has sold out and the ship is totally sold out
  • balcony and higher cabins – availability still okay

If price is paramount it is recommended that you book an inside cabin as soon as you can, before the ship totally sells out of these as well!


 cabin grade   category    fare           approx in other currencies – at 12 May 2014
 Category 10 note aboveInsideAU$2949NZ$3201US$2759£1637€2007
 Category  8 SOLD OUTOutsideAU$3475NZ$3772US$3251£1929€2365
 Category 2BBalconyAU$3893NZ$4226US$3642£2161€2650
 Category 1CBalconyAU$3947NZ$4285US$3692£2191€2686
 Category  C3ConciergeAU$4207NZ$4567US$3936£2336€2863
 Category  A2AquaAU$4661NZ$5060US$4360£2588€3172


 cabin grade   category   fare           approx in other currencies – at 12 May 2014 
 Category 10 note aboveInsideAU$5085NZ$5520US$4757£2823€3461
 Category  8 SOLD OUTOutsideAU$6137NZ$6662US$5741£3407€4177
 Category 2BBalconyAU$6973NZ$7570US$6523£3871€4746
 Category 1CBalconyAU$7081NZ$7687US$6624£3931€4819
 Category  C3ConciergeAU$7595NZ$8245US$7105£4217€5169
 Category  A2AquaAU$8503NZ$9231US$7955£4721€5787

If you are booking from outside Australia or New Zealand

  • The above prices apply only if booked with Clean Cruising, our cruise travel agent, and will be the most cost-effective way to book the conference/cruise package
  • Some people may prefer however to book the cruise itself with Celebrity Cruises in their own country (and the conference component separately with us). We have for the first time made provision for our cruises to be booked in two parts:
    • the cruise itself to be booked on its own with Celebrity Cruises in your own country
    • the conference component to be booked direct with us – at Unlock the Past cruises
  • The conference component has until now only ever been bundled in with a complete fare – as this gives the most cost-effective package through a fixed contract with the cruise line. We have now set a separate conference cost for those who choose to book the cruise component with Celebrity Cruises in their own country.
    • AU$800 for an individual in a cabin to join in the conference and all the benefits associated with it
    • AU$1200 for 2 people in a cabin to join in the conference and all the benefits associated with it
    • conference fees are in Australian currency and can only be paid direct to Unlock the Past cruises (or with any booking made with Clean Cruising)
  • Loss of benefits that will apply to those who do not book with Clean Cruising
    • gratuities (value AU$148– $154 per person) are prepaid and included with our group prices in the tables above. They will almost certainly be extra (paid on the cruise itself) you booked with another agent
    • those booked within our group are allocated a special group block of tables for evening dining, which will normally include our cruise presenters and experts. It is not possible for those booked with other agents to be included in our group in the main dining group (anyone however can choose to dine in one of the many other dining rooms with others who care to join)
  • All other benefits of being part of an Unlock that Past cruise still apply, including eligibility for entry into the draw for thousands of dollars worth of prizes on this cruise and a further draw for $6000 worth of prizes for any Unlock the Past cruise, booked during the remainder of 2014. Click here to see the full benefits of the Unlock that Past conference on the Baltic cruise. [Link to come]
  • To book the conference component only of the Unlock the Past cruise [links to come]
    • click here if you are a sole occupant of a cabin or the only one in the cabin participating in the conference
    • click here if you are booking for 2 people in a cabin to attend the conference
    • payment–this is required in full at the time of booking the conference
  • When to book a conference–this should be booked as soon as you have booked the cruise itself. This will ensure you receive any progress Baltic cruise email newsletters and guarantee a place in the conference (Celebrity Eclipse has a maximum conference room capacity of 200 people, which may limits the number we can accept at our conference)

General notes 1

applying to ALL who book, regardless of who booked with

  • Loyalty discount – if you have been on an Unlock the Past cruise before you are entitled to a discount
    • AU$50 for one cruise done with Unlock the Past
    • AU$100 for two or more cruises done with Unlock the Past
  • Prices include access to all presentations and other group benefits
  • Internet access – to be advised
  • Onboard currency is US Dollars which means that all onboard purchases and shipboard accounts will be charged in US dollars
  • Gratuities– these are all but compulsory. Our group rates include these already. Those booked with Celebrity cruises in other countries will have these added on the cruise itself

General notes 2

applying ONLY to those who book with Clean cruising Clean Cruising, our group travel agent

  • Fares are in Australian currency. We have given approximate equivalents in other currencies.
  • Twin share pricing is per adult based on twin (two people) occupancy
  • If single pricing is too high for you, we recommend you ask a friend or relative to join you or contact Clean Cruising or Unlock the Past to help match you with someone else (same sex) seeking a cabin share partner to help with costs
  • Pricing for triple or quad share cabins is available on request, but they are based on the rate of the day i.e. there are no group fares for these cabin types.
  • Pwillricing is inclusive of all applicable port charges, taxes
  • Prices include gratuities (value AU$148–154 per person, depending on cabin)
  • All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.
  • Price changes may occur by reason of matters outside our control which increase the cost of the product or service. Such factors include adverse currency fluctuations, fuel surcharges and taxes.
  • Travel insurance is not included as part of the above pricing, however it is required. Travel insurance will cover for unforeseen cancellation and lost deposits, overseas medical, hospital and emergency expenses, luggage, accidental death and legal liability. You may arrange your own or ask Clean Cruising to arrange this for you
  • Reservations and payment – to confirm a reservation our travel agent, Clean Cruising, will require each passenger’s first and surname as per their passport as well as their date of birth, current address and telephone number.you
  • Deposit – AU$400 per person
  • Cancellations – in the unfortunate event that anyone should have to cancel, Clean Cruising must be notified in writing. The day that they receive this notice in writing will be considered the date the cancellation has been made. Cancellation fees apply if cancelled after a deposit or final payment has been made. The cancellation charges below are from Celebrity Cruises. Neither Unlock the Past nor Clean Cruising charge any additional cancellation fee. Cancellations made before the advertised date of departure will incur the following charges per person:
    • Cancellation 150-70 days prior to departure: $400 per guest
    • Cancellation 70-46 days prior to departure: 25% of total fare
    • Cancellation 45-31 days prior to departure: 50% of total fare
    • Cancellation 31-15 days prior to departure: 75% of total fare
    • Cancellation 14 days or less prior to departure: 100% of total fare
    • Any specific medical and/or dietary requirements must be advised at time of booking. We cannot guarantee special meal requests nor will we assume any responsibility or liability if passengers’ special meal requests are not fulfilled

What is included in the price

applying unless otherwise stated to ALL who book, regardless of who booked with

  • Conference fees and benefits
    • attend up to 50 sessions – more than twice as many as as even the biggest land conferences or other genealogy cruises
    • choice of approximately 100 topics
    • learn from at least 15 leading international presenters
    • expert one-on-one sessions in the Research Help Zones with any of the cruise presenters and other experts
    • an informal networking environment unmatched by any land conference
    • dine and interact informally with other like-minded people for the  13 days 14 nights of the cruise
    • be in the draw for thousands of dollars worth of prizes offered on the cruise (41 prizes valued in total at AU$6200 offered on our last major cruise)
    • be in the draw for AU$6000 worth of prizes for any cruise
    • earn loyalty credits for up to AU$100 discount on a further Unlock that Past cruise
  • Tips and gratuities (value approx AU $150) – only to those booked with Clean Cruising
  • All accommodation and main meals on board
  • All entertainment (including production shows, guest entertainers, trivia, karaoke, dancing classes, movies and in-cabin videos)
  • use of the ship’s many complimentary facilities such as swimming pools, gym, spas, table tennis, shuffleboard, deck chess and library

What is not included in the price

  • Airfares and transfers to/from Southampton (may be booked with Clean Cruising)
  • Travel insurance (may be booked with Clean Cruising)
  • Passport
  • Beverages, meals ashore, food from some alternative specialty dining venues, bar snacks\
  • Hairdressing, massage and beauty treatments
  • Photographic services
  • Video arcade games, some craft activities, laundry
  • Internet and phone calls etc.
  • Shore tours
  • Costs and expenses, including the return to your home, if you leave the cruise of your own volition, or due to illness, or as a consequence of official action by the government