This survey is now closed.  Prize winners will be announced soon in our cruise email newsletter. We are pleased to announce a new prize draw, with even more prizes ($6000 in all) , with all those booking for a future cruise automatically in the draw. Click here for details

We would like to know your genealogy cruise preferences:

  • cruise itineraries
  • cruises to suit your budget
  • cruise duration
  • conference focus or destination focus
  • Survey-cartooncruise frequency

An all new survey about cruises 2014-2017

Survey responses will be a significant guide in decisions on cruise scheduling. And who knows? Your response may just be enough to tip the balance in favour of your preferred cruise/s.


YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE CRUISE up to AU$2500 value – or one of several additional prizes – AU$5100 in prizes in all.

For a short time we offer you the chance to win one of the following

  • a FREE CRUISE up to the value of AU$2500 (approx £1350, US$2250 – as at February 2014)
  • 2 cruise discount vouchers to the value of AU$500 each
  • 3 cruise discount vouchers to the value of AU$200 each
  • a cruise discount from Clean Cruising to the value of AU$500
    (for any Unlock the Past cruise booked with Clean Cruising)
  • a cruise discount from Royal Caribbean to the value of AU$500
    (for any Unlock the Past cruise on a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity ship)

A prize:

  • may be used on any Unlock the Past cruise offered from July 2014 to 31 December 2017, including a cruise you may have already booked
  • can be used as credit towards a higher priced cruise or higher level cabin – up the the value of AU$2500
  • will be converted to the other currency – for any cruise which may be offered in another currency, based on the exchange rate at the time you make your booking

Entry in to the prize draw is open to all who

  • complete this survey  by 30 April 2014
  • AND opt into the Unlock the Past email newsletter list (Question 16)
  • AND give a name and contact details (Question 17)


  • This new survey commenced on 1 January 2014, replacing all earlier surveys. If you have already done the survey (between 1 and 22 January) you will be in the draw anyway.
  • the Unlock the Past cruises email newsletter list is different from the general Unlock the Past email newsletter list. It will be used only occasionally to announce new cruises or significant cruise developments – probably about six to eight a year.
  • Question 16 and this offer will be withdrawn from this survey on 1 May 2014 (the survey will continue)
  • The prize draw will be made on Wednesday 14 May 2014. Winners will be advised personally and announced in a cruises newsletter soon after.