Earn commission on cruise bookings we take from your referrals

Make money from bookings on Unlock the Past cruises resulting from your referrals – and at the same time provide for your customers, subscribers or members a useful benefit. Place our affiliate banner ads and text links on your website, promote Unlock the Past cruises via email or newsletters – or have our cruise brochure or catalogue available where you exhibit or speak or in your library.

Why become an Unlock the Past cruises affiliate?

  • Earn AU$40 commission confirmed cruise bookings your referral generates for us. We will increase that to AU$60 if you use a banner link on your home page or sidebar generally on you web site
  • No expiry date – unlike most affiliate schemes you can earn from bookings made at any time from opening of bookings until bookings close for each cruise

How it works

Because a cruise sale is not completed until the cruise is finally confirmed with full payment of the fare this a little different from a regular affiliate scheme.

  1. you request a special promo code specific to you. It may be used for bookings on any Unlock the Past cruise. It is available to anyone who can show they have a reasonable promotional opportunities, usually one of the avenues mentioned in the following note
  2. you promote our cruises or a particular cruise in any way you can – website, newsletter, blog or even using our brochures or cruise catalogues at meetings which you speak or exhibit at (you may put your allocated promo code on an accompanying slip or sticker to go with brochures/catalogues you distribute)
  3. your customer, subscriber or member must quote your promo code to Clean Cruising, our cruise travel agent, when they are making a booking (not later), if they are to receive the benefit
  4. Clean Cruising will maintain on our behalf  a record of all bookings made using the promotional code.
    1. the person making the booking will receive a AU$40 discount on their booking, and an additional AU$40 for up to one more person they are booking for (but not a person they may be sharing with if the other person is making their own booking). This will be deducted from their final payment when this is due – usually about 2-3 months before the cruise departure date
    2. payment to affiliates will be made within 45 days of the due date for final payments for any particular cruise, or the final closure of bookings, whichever is later
    3. payment to affiliates will be made by Paypal, unless special alternative arrangements are made
    4. a minimum of 2 bookings (separate cabins) from any one referrer (per cruise) is required for a payout to be made. A referrer may be one of the eligible bookings but will only be allowed the booking discount, not the affiliate fee on top of that
  5. a banner can be a general cruise banner that we provide or one specific to a particular cruise

You also may wish to consider becoming an Unlock the Past cruises promotional partner. This offers more than just commission on bookings from your referrals. We can promote you on our cruises and at events and in other ways in our region especially – Australia and New Zealand.

Join Now! Affiliate inquiries and applications to [email protected]

The above terms are effective from 23 May 2014