Anne Daniels

My business is called Drawing On The Past. I create unique works of art based on people’s genealogy.

Initially trained in Theatre Design, I moved into TV design after studying for a Masters Degree in Communication Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University. After working within the arts and media industries for the past 25 years, I am now concentrating my efforts on ‘Drawing On The Past’, which I launched at the ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ live event in London, 2013. The process I use to create an artwork enables me to fully utilise the skills I have honed during my career. Using a well-trained eye and a love of social history, I create unique artworks that tell my clients very personal stories in a visually compelling way.  Each artwork takes me on a particular journey, as I research around the information given to me, to find interesting visual signs and symbols to bring underlying meaning to each story. It’s something I take great care over, and never underestimate the responsibility involved in getting it right.

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