Resumption of a regular UK – Australia service after 35 years?

Maybe! If Project Orient  achieves its goal of establishing regular monthly cruises both ways between Southampton and Sydney. Read the announcement on the opening pages of the Project Orient web site, launched last weekend

The Renaissance of the Passenger Liner

We plan to relaunch the regular passenger service from Southampton to Sydney – to create a way of travelling the globe in an unhurried luxury.

The establishment of a prestigious international brand providing an inspiring lifestyle experience on board a fleet of luxury liners. The brand will recreate the heritage of the “Golden Age of Travel”, evoking the style and panache of an era when life was less frenetic, time was plentiful and was to be enjoyed in a luxurious environment with outstanding service, delivering an unforgettable passenger experience.

Project Orient Limited (POL) intends to achieve this with the re-creation of a high quality passenger liner between Europe and Australia, which ceased over 35 years ago.

Vote now if you have any interest in seeing this come to fruition.

Our Unlock the Past future cruises survey shows quite a bit of interest in an UK-Australia cruise. At present the options are few

  • one relocation cruise a year (each way) by Cruise and Maritime’s Astor 35-40 nights
  • a sector of a World cruise by cruise lines like P&O UK, Princess and Cunard

An Astor cruise is one we have in mind if offered in 2016 or 2017, but if the new Project Orient venture gets off the ground it provides additional options – much greater choice

  • choice of any month of the year
  • choice of any of three major routes
  • choice of direction
  • and a shorter, cheaper cruise option than most others – just 25 or 26 days
  • fast modern ships purpose built for long distance voyages

This is something we could potentially offer every year with differing routes and directions. But to succeed this project needs investors to make this a reality. And to interest investors they need to demonstrate there is enough support for this service.

We would love to see this become a reality. It promises great possibilities for Unlock the Past cruises and those who do them. To that end we will be promoting awareness as widely as we can and urging people to vote.

A vote of interest on their web site will help greatly. Vote now if you have any interest in seeing this come to fruition.  Check out their web site if you need more convincing this is great idea.

Click the image below to learn more.

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