We always have a number on our cruises travelling without a spouse, friend or partner. Some of these prefer to have a cabin to themselves, whilst others prefer to share to help with costs.

As with hotels you largely pay for a cabin/room regardless of whether you are on your own or sharing it with someone. It is the same with some cruise lines. But most cruise lines offer what is called a single supplement above the (per person) twin share rate – that is something between the twin share rate and payment for 2 people in a cabin. The rate varies between cruise lines and cabins within the one cruise. For the cruise lines we have used it mostly varies between about 50% and 70% of the twin share rate, though one is 100%. For example: Two people may pay $1000 each for a particular cabin ($2000 total for the cabin). The cost for one person occupying that cabin on their own may then be between $1500 and $1700, not the full $2000 that 2 people would pay in total.

Save by sharing a cabin

If you are prepared to share with another person however you could get on the cruise for $1000 in the above example. If this benefit is of interest to you, and perhaps the difference between you doing the cruise or not, please register your interest in a share partner by contacting Clean Cruising, our travel agent (the Book  Now link on the cruise of interest), or email us at Unlock the Past cruises.

We only match people with others they are comfortable with – obviously of the same sex, and often, though not always, broadly of a similar age. Although this is primarily to help with costs, and experience will vary, some excellent friendships have been formed at times. In some cases this has resulted in the two people booking together for a subsequent cruise. The reality too is that if both are genealogists, not a lot of time is actually spent in the cabin, given all that our conference, and the ship itself, offers.