With the last of our announced cruises coming to the latter stages of bookings we ran a survey from June to September 2015 to gauge interest in possible further cruises. Here is a summary of the results. By weighting the different responses, ranging from not interested to definitely interested the following is the percentage of respondents estimated that are likely to come on each of the several cruise options:

2017 cruise options from eastern Australia

  • 23% – from Sydney in late Jan, 8 nights – to Hobart Adelaide & Melbourne
  • 14% – from Sydney in mid Feb, 8 nights – South Pacific
  • 17% – from Sydney in early Mar, 10 nights – South Pacific
  • 18% – from Sydney in mid Mar, 11 nights – South Pacific
  • 17% – from Sydney in early Apr, 13 nights – South Pacific
  • 35% – from Brisbane to Hong Kong, 18 nights (one way)
    (this option was initially Sydney to Singapore but changed when we found out the conference centre on the cruise concerned had already been booked by others. It has also a problem for 2017 – see note below.

2018 cruise possibility

  • 34% – Alaska, between Jun and Oct, 7 nights from Seattle

The cruise to Asia (initially Singapore, but then changed to Hong Kong) was the clearly preferred option for 2017 – and it appears there is sufficient interest in Alaska to consider this. Recent advice however may now rule out a Hong Kong cruise for 2017. See Unlock the Past cruises NL 19 – 15 October 2015 Back the square 1 – cruise planning 2017-19 for more information on alternatives now open to us.

Comments on comments
We appreciated that many of you took the time for some general comments and suggestions. The other suggestions and our acknowledgement in response makes this report on these quite lengthy. Click here to see your comments and ours.