There has been considerable interest in Unlock the Past history and genealogy cruises. We would love to have you on all our cruises, but of course that is unrealistic for perhaps all but the most avid (and financial) genealogy and cruise die hards. So we have set out an over view of what coming over the next 2½ years to help you plan – with a hint of what may come beyond that. Click on links for further information and sign up to our cruise email newsletter and Facebook page to keep up with latest developments and discussions.

Cruises 4 to 7

Feb 2014 to Jan 2015 – open for bookings (6th cruise to open Dec 2013)

Cruises 8 to 10 (or 11)

mid 2015 to Mar 2016 – expected to be confirmed and open for bookings around Mar/Apr 2014 when cruise lines release they 2015-16 schedules

  • Baltic cruise (8th cruise) – from England or Europe, visiting northern Europe, and Scandinavia
    12-14 nights mid 2015. We are considering two different Baltic cruises, with choice of time, slightly different itineraries, ships and presenter teams. In order to be ready to sign up to a cruise contract the day schedules are released with first choice of conference facilities (we were pipped to the post for some space on our 4th cruise!), we need to be sure we have sufficient interest to run two cruises. To be ready for this we expect to do a Baltic cruises survey in December. Possible Baltic cruises based on 2014 schedules are:

    • mid June 2015 (1st Baltic cruise)
    • late August 2015 (2nd Baltic cruise)
  • Transatlantic relocation cruise UK/Europe to the US (9th or 10th UTP cruise) – probably with a migration theme
    12-14 nights late 2015
  • Australian-New Zealand cruise (10th or 11th cruise) 12-18 nights, possibly March 2016 – very likely one way Auckland to Sydney or Auckland to Fremantle

Beyond March 2016?

Tell us what you would like – with our future cruises survey.
Some major itineraries that will be considered – based on survey feedback so far:

  • a European river cruise (2016?)
  • England to Australia (36-40 nights) late 2016? – follow your ancestors’ voyage!
  • another British Isles cruise 2016 or 2017?
  • an Australia top end cruise – one way Sydney to Fremantle – early 2017?
  • other shorter regional cruises