We are sometimes asked if a spouse or partner who is not into genealogy can join our cruise without paying the conference component of the fare. We considered initially the possibility of setting up a two-tiered pricing structure – one price being the cruise only and the other being combined cruise/conference price. However we have adopted a pricing structure that requires both partners in a shared cabin to pay the conference inclusive price – which is considerably lower than if we had a two-tiered pricing structure.

Here are the reasons for a single price – for all who book with our group

  • most spouses/partners who come on our cruises with a genealogy partner are not themselves genealogists
  • our cruises have fixed costs. The major one is the high cost of top shelf international presenters, which runs to many thousands of dollars. The costs must be covered by either a higher conference-cruise rate for the genealogy partner in a two-tiered pricing structure or a lower rate for all who book with our group
  • it is usual for most non-genealogy partners/spouses to attend at least some of the general interest sessions that the program always features
  • there are many benefits over and above the conference sessions for all booked in our group

Other benefits – more than just access to conference sessions

  • entry into the draw for AU$6000 worth of prizes for all who book any future cruise in 2015
  • entry into the prize draw on the particular cruise. The value of this varies, depending on the number of sponsors/prize donors for a particular cruise (over $6000 in prizes were offered on a major cruise earlier in 2014). It is not uncommon for a prize to be won by the non-genealogy spouse/partner
  • our prices include gratuities, which cruise lines list prices generally don’t. These are for all practical purposes compulsory, and are generally about $11 a day – around $150-$200 for longer 14-18 nights cruises
  • NEW (31 Aug 2015) bonus and loyalty rewards. Every Unlock the Past cruise now rewards you with many benefits–great value products, plus new higher loyalty rewards. Total value for any one cruise $500-$1000 (max).
  • evening dining with our group – if dining in the main dining room. Seating is fixed by the cruise line for all passengers, and usually can’t be varied, but our groups are allocated a block of tables in the main dining room tables. It is not compulsory to eat in the main dining room (some do try the casual or specialty dining options on occasions), but most in our group use the main dining room most of the time.
  • our prices are fixed for a time,  even when the cruise line raises its prices – click here for more details

An Unlock the Past cruise-conference is unique

Not only do they include the program choice of attending twice as many presentations as any land conference anywhere in the world, but there is access for one-on-one help from some of the world’s leading experts and an environment that gives total flexibility to mix and match participation in genealogy (formally or casually) and the ship’s own extensive program on board and onshore ports of call.