Future cruises – factors that guide our choice

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We are currently weighing up 2019 cruise options we recently sought your feedback on – and will publish the results of the survey soon in another blog post. We get lots of suggestions on what we propose – and others we aren’t considering. I hope to also publish some of the comments and suggestions in another “comments on your comments” blog post. But those who are interested here are some of the factors that influence our choice of cruises …

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PNG cruise: cruise group evaluation

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The results of our PNG cruise survey – feedback from those who were on the cruise – are in. Different people will always have different experiences, but overall the feedback was very positive, especially for the conference aspect of the cruise. Here is a summary.

Rating the cruise-conference …

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2019 cruise/s … and more

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Our a 2017 cruise (Papua New Guinea) is now behind us and our 2018 cruise – a successful cruise and special experience for all of us. Our 2018 cruise (Alaska) is booking strongly. A year out it already has more booked than for any cruise since our 4th cruise in February 2014. And it will be easily the most internationally diverse cruise group (and probably the most internationally diverse genealogy event) ever. Over 50% of our bookings to date are from outside Australia – from the US, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

2019 cruise/s …

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Our comments on your comments

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We appreciate that many took the time to give us some general comments and suggestions in our recent cruise survey (Jun-Sep 2015). We mention many of these here, along with our responses – to let you know what we could consider – and what we can’t – in response to your suggestions.

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