Cora’s interest in family history, even if she did not know it at the time, stemmed from her mother who had an uncanny knack of being able to spot a person in a crowd and recite their family tree and their connection to her family. To Cora’s knowledge her mother never did any family history research or committed anything to paper. This knowledge was based on oral family tradition handed down to her, over the years, by her mother and her grandmothers. This is what sparked Cora’s life time interest in family history.

In 1981 Cora joined the Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra (HAGSOC) and gradually her interest in family history developed beyond a personal interest. In 1988 she was awarded the Diploma in Family Historical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney. She then worked as a professional family history researcher and lecturer in Canberra. During that time she ran popular eight week family history classes, and Internet courses, for various adult education programs in Canberra.

Cora was a member of HAGSOC Council for eight years. She has regularly contributed to the Hot Sources and Hot Sites section of the HAGSOC journal, The Ancestral Searcher, from December 1995 to the present edition. She also co-edited HAGSOC’sFamily History for Beginners and Beyond and the Family History Research Manager for many years.  In 2003 she was made a fellow of HAGSOC.

Cora has been writing and publishing quality Australian genealogy guides since 1995. She is the author of the popular book Web Sites for Genealogists. She has also written and published numerous family histories and yes she has found the time to publish some of her own family history.

In 1997 she established the Web Sites for Genealogists Internet site at Today this site is Australia’s premier genealogy gateway. The site is internationally recognised and attracts thousands of visitors each day.

Cora now lives on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales where she continues to pursue her interest in family history. In 2009 she developed a series of family history and internet classes which she now teaches for the local Adult Education program.

Cora regularly presents to a wide variety of groups and organisations including family history societies, computer user groups, libraries, museums, historical societies, regional studies networks and community groups. In 2008 Cora was an invited speaker at the NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies conference in Dubbo and also at the 2009 Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry in Auckland, New Zealand. In September 2010 she spoke at the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association conference held in Sydney and at the NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies 2010 conference in Bomaderry.

Cora feels very privileged to be able to make her passion her work and she thoroughly enjoys what she does and the challenges she faces working with computers and the rapidly evolving Internet technology.

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