Whichever way you look at it an Unlock the Past cruise is a unique experience and superb value.

  • a land holiday
  • a land conference

Each on its own is great value. Combined they are unsurpassed

If you are a regular cruiser you get two “events” for little more than the price of one – and much less than doing a cruise and major genealogy conference separately.

If you are not a regular cruiser – you will find our “conferences at sea” are great value and compare well with major land conferences. Plus you get all that a cruise offers packaged in with it – meals, accommodation, entertainment, new places to visit and much more. In all … a unique experience.

A cruise holiday versus a land holiday

Cruises offer great value holidays

  • unpack your bags once—no “living out of a suitcase”
  • cruise cost includes all accommodation meals and entertainment

P&O Cruises (Aust) have a great DARE TO COMPARE table in their 2014–16 cruise catalogue

You can check their cost breakdown and details in the P&O catalogue, which is available for download or mail delivery from their website—and no doubt from travel agents. Here is their summary of 7 night holidays out of Sydney to various destinations.

Bali – $1561
Thailand – $2241
Gold Coast – $1296
Fiji – $1719
cruise – $1101

A cruise conference versus a major land genealogy conference

VALUE—a major cruise conference compares very favourably with a major land conference. There are many excellent traditional land conferences, but a national conference over 3-4 days may cost nearly AU$2000 to attend, allowing for conference fees, travel (from interstate), local transport, accommodation and meals. A 7-9 day cruise conference for a similar outlay (or maybe less) offers more than comparable value.

  • more topics to choose from
  • attend up to twice as many presentations
  • much more free time
  • more one on one time with experts with our Research Help Zones
  • cost per day or per talk on a cruise can be less than half that of a land conference
  • all that a cruise offers by way of holiday benefits
  • visit interesting places all within the cruise cost
  • comprehensive activity and entertainment choices, most at no extra charge
  • great for non-history/genealogy partners – who can do other free activities or just relax

Comparing major Unlock the Past cruises with major land events

Maybe we are a tad biased, but we think Unlock the Past conferences at sea are unequalled in most respects by any other major genealogy events—anywhere.

Compare with other events 2015-02