Feedback from the 2nd Unlock the Past cruise has been positive. Here are some blog reports – most with photos:

Shauna Hicks – several blog posts, scroll to cruise dates

  • Diary of an Australian Genealogist “… Hard to believe the 14 days are nearly over, I could easily stay at least another week!…”
  • SHHE Genie Rambles “… Overall I learnt heaps from the various speakers who often overlapped and complemented each other as they reinforced various aspects of Scottish Irish research. I have a notebook full of ideas, suggestions, and URLs to follow up … from a genealogy perspective, I would be off on another one tomorrow if I could … now the long wait until February 2013 – perhaps I should check out some of the American genealogy cruises for 2012?? …”

Jennifer Jones – several blog posts, scroll to cruise dates

  • Tracking Down the Family “… the highlight for me … was Chris Paton … an authority on Scottish and Irish history and research.  I learnt so much from Chris and am really looking forward to some free time over Christmas to put his advice into practice …”

Chris Paton

  • British GENES – cruise review “… Genealogically I learned so much on the trip that it would be impossible to include it all in a single post …”
  • British GENES – first report “… Aside from the talks, my family and I had a great day on Wednesday in Rotorua, visiting the geysers there and taking my life in my hands on the Sky Swing. Freefall for fifty meters in a car, which then swings for a couple of minutes as a pendulum – on the top of a mountain! Hopefully the laundry bill won’t be too expensive…! … a great time sightseeing…”

Helen Smith – several blog posts, scroll to cruise dates

  • From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard “… It has been an amazing few days with a lot of information from the presenters and also from the cruise participants. So many people with their own research experiences and expertise …”