Nuttall 120Gordon Nuttall (United States) – Flip-Pal mobile scanner and data preservation
Gordon is the Founder and CEO for Couragent, Inc, and the principle inventor of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner along with four other patents during his 31-year career at Hewlett Packard.  He has founded two other small businesses and four non-profits, one of them the Glen Haven Historical Society (GHHS) and another the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.  From Gordon’s own precious family time, from serving as GHHS president, from connection with the Flip-Pal community, and from numerous speaking engagements on TV, radio, and in public as Toastmaster, small business lobbyist, and entrepreneur, he comes with a wealth of ideas to sharing and safeguarding our life stories.

Our Couragent | Flip-Pal team is an intentional, values-based organisation.  Whether at a personal, professional, or institutional level, our values of Courage · Integrity · Collaboration · Innovation · Care are the principles that we believe in and strive for in our vocation while on this earth.


Unlock the Past Cruises – 8th


  • Creating videos for online (YouTube)
  • Rescuing water-damaged photos from Hurricane Sandy and Colorado floods in the US
  • Starting a business in the US
  • The story behind the birth of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner