Dr Kae Lewis is the owner of the popular website GOLDRUSH ONLINE (www.kaelewis.com), webmaster for The Treasury website (www.thetreasury.org.nz), as well as being the Editor of The Treasury Journal, all three positions having been held now for more than a decade.  She has a special interest in the early goldrushes, the goldminers who flocked to them, and the techniques they used to extract the gold. She recently published a major book entitled Goldrush to the Thames, NZ, 1867-1869. She has presented papers on goldmining at recent conferences including the NZ Archeological Association 2017, and at the Thames School of Mines during the Thames Heritage Week 2018.  She also participated in the 150th celebrations of gold discovery in Otago, writing several chapters in the publication Pick, shovel, cradle and pick; 150 years of gold discovery in Otago, Southland and on the West Coast published by the Dunedin Family History Group, as well as presenting a paper on the Otago goldrush at the 150th Anniversary conference in Cromwell, Otago in 2013. Before retirement, she was a biochemist, graduating D.Phil. from the University of Waikato and working in medical research both in New Zealand and overseas. She orginally graduated BSc in Chemistry from the University of Canterbury, leading to a lifetime interest in the chemistry of gold and the history of the worldwide goldrushes 1850-1890s.

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