Kathleen BrandtKathleen Brandt, a professional international genealogist, consultant, and presenter, is the owner of a3Genealogy, a premier genealogy research company. She earned B.A. degrees in Foreign Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) and Business Administration. Her M.A. degree, is in Romance Languages: Linguistics, Literature and Humanities,  University of Michigan.

As the owner of a3Genealogy her genealogy clients span from Australia to Africa. She was a researcher for NBC, Who Do You Think You Are? for seasons two and three (2011 and 2012), and was a featured genealogist on the Tim McGraw episode. She also conducts research for PBS: Finding Your Roots.

Kathleen is a published freelance writer for genealogy magazines and columns and is also the author of the a3Genealogy educational and skill building blog that explores various cultural and ethnic folk-life, traditions, history, and genealogy research tips. Her articles have appeared in Archives.com Magazine; AARP magazine and numerous other print and online publications.

Kathleen offers workshops and lectures to the genealogy community, to include the Midwest Genealogy Center; and is a consultant for various corporate historical, cultural, and genealogy projects. Her corporate motivational Speaker Series, “You Are A Pioneer!© incorporates 20 years of international business dedicated to “implementing new business strategies. As a past Executive for top-tier corporations she encourages and motivates her audiences to finding new roads and discovering that You Are A Pioneer!©

Kathleen serves on the Society Committee of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and an active member of the Heartland APG chapter and many other genealogy associations and organizations.  She has been a keynote speaker for private and corporate groups and genealogy society events (i.e. Ancestry Day Event, Kansas City metro 2013).

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