Louis Kessler

Louis Kessler is a programmer, genealogist and promoter of family history research to the masses. A member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Louis has been Chair of the Archives Committee, Board Member and President of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. Louis has led projects such as his society’s Cemetery Photography Project, written a genealogy column for a local newspaper, and given many lectures on genealogy and genealogy technology to societies, including being a speaker on the 3rd Unlock the Past Cruise in 2013 and at RootsTech in 2014.

Louis built his own website at lkessler.com in 1997. He designed and operates gensoftreviews.com, a site where genealogists can rate and review their genealogy software, and in 2011 at beholdgenealogy.com he released version 1 of his own software program Behold – destined to be the world’s first report-based data editor for genealogy.

Louis has university degrees in statistics and computer science. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with his wife and two daughters. His daytime job is as the manager of the forecasting department at his province’s electric and gas utility company. Genealogy and programming are his after hour passions.

Louis is an active Geneablogger and blogs at beholdgenealogy.com blog, tweets at @louiskessler, Google plus at +louiskessler and participates in the Q&A at genealogy.stackexchange.com.

Click links for more info about Louis and his genealogical activities. Follow his interests and progress on his Behold Blog. See his blog on the 3rd Unlock The Past Genealogy Cruise

Unlock the Past Cruises – 3rd & 10th


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Computerized genealogy

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Behold (my genealogy software)

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  • Checking your genealogy data with Behold
  • Life events: visualizing a person’s life
  • The future of Behold: innovations in genealogy software.

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Jewish genealogy

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Stats, stocks, chess and stuff

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