My background is in astronomy and physics and my day job is in this field. My interest in genealogy started at an early age and has grown over the years. I joined the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) in 2000, the SAG Board in 2015 and in December 2018 became the first female President of the Society in its 88 year history. I also serve on the SAG Education committee. I am a regular presenter at SAG, a member of the TMG and DNA groups and coordinator of the Beginners DNA group. I am also a member of Botany Bay Family History Society.


Unlock the Past Cruises – 4th and 17th



  • Basic Photo Restoration & Preserving Photographs


  • Where do I Start?
  • I have my results – what’s next?
  • Autosomal DNA
  • Mitochondria DNA
  • Gedmatch
  • Adoptions and how DNA can help
  • FTDNA – using your results to find cousins
  • Ancestry – using your results to find cousins
  • MyHeritage – using your results to find cousins
  • Genome Mate Pro for Beginners


  • Introduction to Family History
  • A Genealogist’s Toolbox