we don’t seek financial sponsorship

we do seek promotional partners

we can offer good international promotion in return

Partner benefits

On the cruise

  • promotion of your business, service or organisation
  • include a brochure or special offer in our cruise registration kit
  • have one of our own experts give a presentation or series of workshops on your product – where appropriate

Beyond the cruise itself

  • wide exposure on our web site and other pre-cruise publicity which goes out widely in Australia, New Zealand and internationally
  • your publicity at any associated shore seminars we may do with leading cruise presenters, adding a further 600-800 people reached in high value audiences
  • extra partner specific social media promotion through our several blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

Should you also choose to join us on the cruise we can offer

  • assistance on the cruise itself—from partial to full discounting of cruise fares depending on the level of cruise promotion offered
  • opportunities to present and run tutorials or workshops on board
  • opportunity to sell your product/s on the cruise (within our cruise group)
  • a great business networking opportunity, not only on the cruise itself but often with key contacts in places visited

Who can be a cruise partner?

  • online content or other international marketers
  • magazine and book publishers
  • software publishers
  • professional researchers
  • high profile bloggers willing to do occasional posts on our cruises
  • genealogy educators
    …. and more

Any business, organisation or individual with products or services to offer to family historians will find our cruises a unique, high profile promotional opportunity, often at little or no cost. Not to mention a great combination of business and holiday!

We are flexible and open to what works best for you – and us. Contact Alan to discuss this or learn more: [email protected] +61 8 8395 7476