Teri Schaller has been providing transcripts and closed captioning services to universities, corporations and the private sector in the United States for over twenty years. Her favorite projects to work on have always been oral histories, both personal and corporate. Over 400 recordings of World War II veterans have been transcribed by Mile High Transcripts, Inc. which is what prompted Teri to develop part two of her company and name it History Speaks.

History Speaks is devoted entirely to transcribing oral histories of families and individuals. History Speaks is also in the beginning stages of doing the actual recording of histories by utilizing ‘some’ of the technology of today. Transcripts have been and always will be our forte but we have discovered that there are some people that wish us to be a one-stop shop in regard to oral history. There are also many people who wish to learn how to transcribe the audio tapes and digital files they already have. We also are here to provide training to help anyone become a transcriptionist.

Teri has lived in the Mojave Desert of Arizona for several years with her husband, Michael. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and special certificates in Western US History and WWII as well. While this will be our first foray into the genealogy world by presenting at this conference, it will most certainly not be our last.

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