2016 Romantic Rhine river cruise announced

We are pleased to announce that our 13th cruise is now settled and open for bookings. It will depart Amsterdam on Sunday 31 July and end at Basel on Sunday 7 August 2016. It will be preceded by a one day conference in Amsterdam on Saturday 30 July 2016. We have chosen a cruise with the very latest and most exciting of the new panorama suite ships from Avalon – a ship so new it is not yet in service. Tranquility II will be launched in 2015. Choose the sightseeing pace that suits you: leisurely, traditional or independent.

Cruise conference and other benefits

  • a land based day seminar in Amsterdam the day before the cruise – with a European focus (within the cruise fare)
  • some presentations on the cruise ship itself
  • informal networking and advice from experts at select times and locations on the cruise
  • several thousand dollars worth of prizes and special offers
  • book by 31 December 2014 to be in the draw for $6000 worth of prizes
  • free Wi-Fi access

6 reasons to book early

  1. Unlock the Past has an exclusive window to book into our group before the cruise opens to the public in mid-January 2015 – or until our allocation of cabins is fully taken up
  2. SAVE $200 per person with our early bird pricing (on the 20 cabins that have been allocated to us at this initially)
  3. river cruises usually book out much earlier than ocean cruises—up to a year before the cruise itself
  4. the deposit required with booking ($400 per person) is fully refundable until 1 October 2015—a safety net should you need to cancel
  5. a number of people have already registered expressions of interest (some with deposit). These will have 1st priority to book the 20 cabins initially – up to 30 November. After that any new registrations of interest or intentions to book will be accepted on a first come first served basis
  6. the more early bookings we get the greater our chances of getting additional cabins for our group

To learn more learn more visit our 13th cruise web page and click on the links at the top for further information

Last 11 days to book for our 5 night Western Australia cruise 19-24 January 2015

All unsold cabins from our allocation will be recalled by the cruise line on 30 November 2014

We still have some cabins available from our allocation, but the cruise line has vacancies in only 4 of their 17 categories on this cruise – and they are all higher-priced categories.

This, our 7th cruise, is a unique opportunity to be part of the Anzac Centenary commemorations with an itinerary and program to tie in with this

  • Albany was the gathering point for the first two convoys carrying the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and New Zealand Expeditionary Force (later to be known collectively as the ANZACs). They departed from Albany in November and December 1914, but the commemorations continue for some months
  • Dr Richard Reid, our lead presenter is currently the Australian historian on the official tri-nation (Turkey, Australia and New Zealand) historical and archaeological survey of the Anzac battlefield — and has just returned from Turkey. Click here to learn more about Richard and the expertise he brings

This cruise however is not just about World War I. As well is being one of Australia’s foremost historians of the First World War, Richard is also an eminent Irish historian and will give two Irish presentations on the cruise. But there is more. We also have 5 other leading presenters – Eric and Rosemary Kopittke, Mike Murray, Dr Lesley Silvester and Helen Smith – to bring a varied and interesting program to our cruise. Click here to check out the program.

Updated cruise catalogue

Click here to download an updated version of our 16 page cruise catalogue.

Win a free cruise

Book any Unlock the Past cruise by the end of 2014 and be in the draw to win a future Unlock the Past cruise up to AU$2500 value – or one of 12 additional prizes – AU$6000 in prizes in all. Click here to learn more.

If you are a solo cruiser

If you are travelling alone but interested in sharing a cabin with someone else to help with costs, we can probably find a suitable cabin partner of the same gender. Click here for further information.

Other cruises open for booking

  • 8th Unlock the Past cruise – Baltic cruise – from England, visiting northern Europe, St Petersburg and Scandinavia – 14 nights 11-25 July 2015
  • 9th Unlock the Past cruise – Transatlantic relocation cruise UK/Europe to the US – a migration themed cruise. Departs Southampton, ends Miami – 15 nights from 1 November 2015
  • 10th Unlock the Past cruise – 2 night short cruise out of Brisbane – 2 nights from 8 December 2015
  • 11th Unlock the Past cruise – Australia-New Zealand cruise, one way from Auckland to Fremantle (Perth) taking in various New Zealand and Australian ports – 18 nights from 14 February 2016
  • 12th Unlock the Past cruise – 7 nights from Brisbane to the Barrier Reef – 7 nights from 6 March 2016


Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past team
[email protected]