Last 3 days to save with Celebrity Cruises 123 Go special offers

If you have been considering the Baltic (July 2015) or New Zealand – Australia (Feb 2016) cruises, you have just 3 days to save with the special cruise line bonuses on offer until the end of February (in reality until 27 February, as the 28th is over the weekend). These bonuses are worth several hundred dollars. You can choose any two for the Baltic cruise and any one for the New Zealand – Australia cruise. Click here or on the image below for more details of the offer

123 Go

Baltic cruise program now online

If you have been waiting to see what presentations will be offered on your cruise of interest, then your wait is over. We have provisional programs for all our ocean cruises now available for download from the program page of each cruise. See list of cruises with the links below.

We are also progressively putting speaker biographies online. The Baltic presenter biographies are there now. The others will follow in the next few days.

RootsTech and Who Do You Think You Are? Live!

These are huge events, on a scale unknown in Australia and New Zealand. We have just returned from exhibiting at RootsTech in Salt Lake City. 21,000 people were registered for this event and the exhibition with around 180 exhibitors was huge. In April we will be exhibiting in the UK at Who Do You Think You Are? Live!, which in the past has attracted over 13,000 visitors. We will also be exhibiting at the major international events in Australia and New Zealand this year – see below for further details.

These are all great events. Our cruises are very small in numbers compared to these, but in one respect we surpass even the biggest international events – in the strength of the conference program we offer. Click here or the graphic below to see how our cruises compare.

Compare with other events 2015-02

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Cruises currently booking

  • 8th cruise – Baltic cruise 14 nights from 11 Jul 2015 – just over 4 months away
  • 9th cruise – Transatlantic UK to the US, 15 nights from 1 Nov 2015
  • 10th cruise – out of Brisbane – 2 nights from 8 Dec 2015
  • 11th cruise – New Zealand to Australia – 18 nights from 14 Feb – 13 Mar 2016
  • 12th cruise – Barrier Reef – 7 nights from 6 Mar 2016
  • 13th cruise – Rhine river (Amsterdam to Basel) – 7 nights from 31 Jul 2016

Unlock the Past at major events

See us at the following events. We will be promoting our cruises and showing/selling UTP publications and genealogy ebooks. In addition cruise vouchers and other prizes are offered at most events we exhibit at on land – usually $1000-$2000 in prizes at major events.

If you are a solo cruiser

If you are travelling alone but interested in sharing a cabin with someone else to help with costs, we can probably find a suitable cabin partner of the same gender. Click here for further information.

Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past team
[email protected]