As we prepare to head off for our next cruise (the Baltic) in just over a week, we also enter the 2nd half of 2015 with our four remaining cruises all drawing nearer. Our 10th cruise (out of Brisbane) is just 5 months away, and the 11th (Auckland Fremantle) and 12th (Barrier Reef) early in 2016. Our final scheduled cruise (Rhine river) is in 12 months time.

But with the march of time we are also putting our mind to 2017. We are not necessarily committed to a 2017 cruise, but is very likely we will do one if there is ongoing interest in Unlock the Past cruises. There was strong interest in our earlier cruises but less in the more recent ones, so we need to be sure genealogy cruising is not just a short-term interest.

Unlock the Past genealogy cruises review
We have just put up a blog post reviewing Unlock the Past cruises generally, and considering cruise possibilities for 2017 and beyond. Click here for this review blog.

Tell us if you are interested in a 2017 cruise – and which one
The blog also links to a new cruise survey seeking your feedback on six candidate cruises for 2017. You can link to the survey from the blog, or click here to go direct to the survey. All who complete the survey will receive a $10 discount code for any Genealogy ebooks purchase of $20 or more by 31 October 2015.

Book or register your interest in the currently booking cruises
updated 5 August 2015 to reflect revised numbering of cruises from here on.

Register your interest or book early to ensure the best choice of cabin.

Reminder – $6000 prize offering … and more
By booking any future UTP cruise during 2015 – AND subscribing to our email newsletter – you will be in our draw for AU$6000 worth of prizes to be drawn in January 2016. But there is more … every cruise has its own prize draw, with the prize pool varying from $1000-$6000, depending on the size of the cruise and the number of prize donors.

Are you a solo cruiser? You can save by sharing a cabin
Are you interested in a cruise, but don’t have a spouse or partner to share a room (and costs) with? If you are travelling alone but interested in sharing a cabin with someone else to help with costs, we can probably find a suitable cabin partner of the same gender, especially if you register your interest early. Click here for further information.

See us at an event in your state
Whether you can cruise with us or not we would love to see you in person at one of five significant events we will be exhibiting at in four different states during the next 3 months. We can talk to you in person about our cruises, but you can also take advantage of some event special prices and be in the draw for prizes from our sister brands – Gould Genealogy, Unlock the Past (guide books), Genealogy ebooks and new value data collections on USB drive.

Alan Phillips and the Unlock the Past team